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About Us

Larry Briggs is a collector, a dealer, an authenticator, a researcher, a grader, and an author. He has devoted himself to the industry, and while we believe you can never possibly learn everything there is to know, Larry is one of the few we would call the best in the business.

Larry Briggs has been collecting, buying and selling coins since he purchased his first coin from an ad in his favorite comic book. The “Worthy Coin & Stamp Company” of Boston offered a coin guaranteed to be at least 150 years old for only $1.50! After saving his allowance for over three weeks!, he was finally able to make his purchase. When the package arrived it was the most beautiful coin Larry had ever seen. Larry now accepts the fact that the 1803 Large Cent, in all reality, was down-right ugly. However, that coin (now long lost), as well as an 1864-L Indian Cent given by Larry's grandmother, started a love affair that has lasted well over 50 years.

Larry is a native of Ohio and a true Buckeye fan. He is an avid collector and has tireless interest in history of all sorts. Larry served in the Air Force and worked for Ford Motor Company. While working at Ford, he spent as much of his spare at coin shops and coin shows as he could. His desire, fascination, and infatuation for his hobby resulted in the founding of Larry Briggs Rare Coins (LBRC) in 1978.


Larry is a specialist in error and variety (RPMs, RPDs, MPDs, VAMs, Doublestrikes, Triplestrikes, Saddlestrikes, etc) coinage, and his favorite coins in stock are Early American Coppers and Seated Liberties. He has been a member of more than 20 numismatic organizations to network and learn from his colleagues. Please look below for a complete list of organizations!

In 1998 Larry, and others developed SEGS: Coin Grading Service (SEGS). SEGS offers individuals, dealers, and investors affordable and accurate grading, expert attribution, authentication services and encapsulation. The SEGS capsule provides an inert environment that protects and preserves the physical condition of the coin. SEGS headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Call toll free for your information package at 1-888-768-7261, or visit for more information.

Larry has also worked tirelessly to spread his wealth of knowledge by authoring and collaborating on hundreds of articles and publications. His most extensive work is the Encyclopedia of United States Liberty Seated Quarters (1838-1891) which was published in 1991. His complete works’ history is listed below. Please enjoy the site, and use Larry’s resources as your guide to the world of numismatics.


Author of:

  • Encyclopedia of United States Liberty Seated Quarters (1838-1891)

Co-Author of:

  • Original Draft: Cherry Pickers Guide (1991): Fivaz/StantonÂ
  • Cherry Pickers Guide Top 150: Fivaz/Stanton
  • A Complete Guide to Misplaced Dates: Liberty Seated Quarters & Seated Dollars Sections
  • Complete Guide to Shield & Liberty Nickels: Peters & Mohon
  • The Shield Five Cents Series: Fletcher

In the works!:

  • 1878-S Morgan Dollar Varieties
  • Proof Morgan Dollars
  • Seated Dollars

Publication Contributions:

  • U.S. Seated Half Dimes: Blythe
  • U.S. Seated Dimes: Greer
  • U.S. Seated Half Dollars: Wiley/Bugert
  • U.S. Dollars: Borchardt/Bowers
  • U.S.. Dollars: Highfield
  • Authoritative Reference on Buffalo Nickels: Kevin Flynn, John Wexler, & Ron Pope
  • Treasure Hunting Walking Liberty Half Dollars: Kevin Flynn & Brian Raines
  • The Jefferson Nickel RPM Book: James Wiles
  • Krause - World Book of Coins: Krause Publications, Iola, WI
  • Morgan Dollar & Morgan Dollar VAM (8-TF – 7/8 – Hot 50) - Jeff Oxman
  • A Guide Book of U.S. Coins (Red Book): Yeoman
  • A Guide Book of U.S. Coins (Blue Book): Yeoman
  • Coin World Magazine
  • Numismatic News Magazine



        Life membership:

  • Ohio numismatic Association
  • American Numismatic Association
  • Florida United Numismatics Association
  • Indiana State Numismatic Association
  • Penn-Ohio Numismatic Association
  • Michigan State Numismatic Association
  • John Reich Society
  • Gold-Silver Coinage (1794-1839)
  • PAK  Modern Nickels & Dimes.


  • Barber Society Coinage
  • Early American Coinage
  • Texas Numismatic Society
  • Alabama Numismatic Society
  • Tennessee State Numismatic Society
  • Pennsylvania Association of Numismatics
  • Barber Coinage
  • Liberty Seated Coin Club-Liberty Seated Coinage
  • Early American Coinage - U.S. Copper Coinage (1793-1857)
  • Fly In Club-Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents (1856-1909)


  • American Numismatic Association; Authentication Bureau Committee
  • American Numismatic Association Consultant

Lecturer and Teacher:

  • Liberty Seated & Bust Varieties
  • Past Vice President: Liberty Seated Coin Club / 25 years

Do yearly counterfeit seminars